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CF Factoring's Accounts Receivable Financing program provides a reliable solution for businesses in need of quick cash. By selling your purchase orders or receivables, you can gain immediate access to a percentage of your invoices. The payment structure is flexible with low payments and interest before your invoices are due. CF Factoring works with net 30 and net 120 day invoice clients, and unlike other financing companies, they will never contact your client for payment. With this program, businesses can maintain their cash flow and continue to grow without worrying about unpaid invoices. CF's Accounts Receivable Financing program is a dependable and hassle-free way to secure the funds you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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Benefits to Invoice Factoring

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You are Not Creating a Debt

You're taking the money owed to you from your customers that have not yet paid and turning it into working capital to use for your business.

Opportunity for Quick Cash

Factoring deals can be completed within 24 hours. And with the Invoice(s) being the only collateral, it is easy to apply 

No Limit on How Many Times You Can Use It

Leverage one invoice or your entire A/R report. Only apply once and after you're on our platform you can factor as many invoices as you please.

-Daniel Johnson

"First factoring company I've used personally and I can honestly say its great. Any issues they're very communicative about it and very eager to handle the situation. Everyone I've talked to here has been a big help and i'm very thankful of this company."

How Factoring Your Invoices Can Increase Your P&L

Invoice Factoring is not only useful for increasing cash flow, it can also help you increase your profit margins. Instead of waiting on customers to pay you, take those sales and turn a profit. Below we will provide an example of how this works. 

      Lets Use a manufacturing business as an example, They are making 50% profits  and have $100,000 in unpaid invoices. Instead of waiting 30 - 60 days to get paid on their sales the owner factors the invoices for $85,000 and buys more inventory. In 30 days the business sees an extra $127,500 in sales with a profit of $42,500 (50%). The $100,000 in invoices turned into $127,500 in the same time that would have been spent waiting to get paid. That's an extra 27.5%!! Over the course of 12 months this can lead to multiplying your profits by over 6 times!! YES 6 TIMES!!The graph to the right shows how an extra 27.5% a month can exponentially grow your business.

      We understand that not all business have such high profit margins, so lets use another example to prove the concept with lower profits. This time lets use a retail store. They are making 30% profits and have the same  $100,000 in unpaid invoices. The owner factors the invoices for $85,000 and purchases more supplies. In 30 days the business sees an extra $110,500 in sales with a profit of $25,500 (30%). The $100,000 in invoices still turned into $110,500. Now instead of waiting on payments, the business gets extra 10.5% on that money!! The graph to the right shows how this retail store could more than double their profits over 12 months by factoring their unpaid invoices.

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Invoice Factoring Payment Structure

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