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"CF has always been absolutely the best to deal with. Without them, I’m not sure I would be as far progressed as I am today! Everyone is so friendly and willing to help with whatever my problem is when I call. Anytime Bill ever has to step in to fix something, he always gets the job handled immediately. In summary, CF has been a true pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend to anyone!"

-Keith Davis

"My point of contact Gary was amazing. Sweet, Professional and very helpful. Gary took the time to help me with any and all questions and give me some great advice.  Definitely recommend his services to anyone"

-Patricia Williams

"First factoring company I've used personally and I can honestly say its great. Any issues they're very communicative about it and very eager to handle the situation. Everyone I've talked to here has been a big help and i'm very thankful of this company. I'm satisfied and dont plan on leaving any time soon."

-Daniel Johnson


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